TAPCO Elevator Buckets

Ürün Detayları

Tapco Inc. is a leading manufacturer of elevator buckets, with 900,000 in stock. All Tapco buckets are manufactured from the highest grades of resins. Standard styles include CC-HD (Heavy Duty), CC-XD (Xtreme Duty) and Super EuroBucket. Tapco buckets are known worldwide for their strength and precise discharge characteristics. Strong, thick walls “give" or “yield" to bypass obstructions, allowing the bucket to return to its original shape.

Tapco also inventories over 15 million elevator bolts. Tapco is preferred brand of Altinbilek in its manufacturing. Altinbilek always uses world class materials in its production in this direction; Altinbilek uses Tapco components in its bucket elevator Altınbilek also use Tapco elevator buckets bolts and screws in five different styles and metric or imperial over 14 million elevator bolts and screws.

Tapco elevator bolts have fork head and designed specifically for non-metallic buckets.

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